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MATTE LIPSTICK The 3 best for long hold

الرئيسية / / MATTE LIPSTICK The 3 best for long hold

Is it possible to hold for a long time without running? The finest option is matte lipstick. We've compiled a list of the top three for you.

You haven't found a matte lipstick that lasts through eating, drinking, laughing, talking, and even kissing yet? No worries, because we've scoured the market for the best products for every skin tone. After all, not everyone looks good in red, and not everyone looks good in pink or brown. Now we'll tell you what to keep in mind and how to apply the lipstick properly for a long-lasting effect!

The naturalness of matte lipstick sets it apart from other lipsticks. Even when using bright hues, such as red or berry tones, the lips do not appear falsely made up, as is the case with iridescent or glossy lipsticks. As a result, matte lipstick is ideal for everyday usage and is thus a must-have beauty trend.

Before application, absolute care is required.

Lipstick application necessitates a certain level of expertise. A fast glance in the mirror, a turn-on of the lipstick, and a simple application to the lips, as we've seen in ads - in reality, it appears quite different. Because if you don't take care of your lips before wearing matte lipstick, they'll become brittle rapidly. As a result, we recommend first using it to remove dead skin flakes from the lips.

You can also make this at home using oil (olive or coconut oil) and coffee grinds or sugar. Combine a 20-cent piece of oil with the same amount of sugar or coffee grinds. The scrub is ready to use. One thing you should keep in mind is that

mindExfoliate your lips carefully and don't work the product into the skin too much. Otherwise, it can quickly come to the cracks, which would not even be worth a lipstick.

Lipstick matte: Light skin tone

Do you have a light skin tone? Then we recommend staying in the light range for the lipstick color as well. A delicate complexion will otherwise quickly look hardened if the lips are made up too darkly. Colors that match your skin tone are:

  • Coral red
  • Pastel pink
  • Rosewood
  • Mauve

Important: When selecting a lipstick, consider if your skin has a rosy tint or is more yellowish/olive in tone. Red tones that are too yellowish, for instance, produce an inconsistent image with a pink skin tone and do not make the red look fresh. In that situation, a lipstick in the blue/purple portion of the color spectrum is preferable. If you have an olive undertone to your skin, use a pencil that is in the warm tones of the scale, such as yellow and orange. In this scenario, coral red is the perfect color for a fresh look.

Matte lipstick is best for people with a medium skin tone.
You have the fewest restrictions if you have a medium skin tone. You can utilize colors like rosewood that don't exactly match your skin tone in the first place. This color will seem different on you than it does on fair complexion types, where the lipstick will stand out more, whilst it will appear nuder on you. However, the following colors are excellent for your skin tone:

  • Magenta
  • Cherry red
  • Nougat
  • Violet violet

From normal lipstick to matte
We all know it: At home, there are 20 lipsticks eagerly waiting to be used. Most of them, however, establish themselves over time as pretty decoration and are sorted out again after a few years. The reasons for non-use vary, sometimes it's the color and then the consistency. Because many lipsticks provide too much glamour in everyday life with their light shine, so that the make-up quickly looks overloaded. But there is a great way to make any of your lipsticks suitable for everyday use and convert them into matte lipstick.

For this, you need your lipstick, cosmetic tissue, and transparent powder.

You can proceed as follows:
Step 1: You start with the foundation, i.e. the care.
Step 2: Then the lip liner comes into play to prevent the lipstick color from bleeding. Use it to gently trace the contours of your lips. If you want to make them look more voluminous, apply the liner above the edge of the lips and draw along the shape. To create a smooth transition to the lipstick, let the liner fade to the center of the lip. This does not create a look that could be straight out of the 90s.  
Step 3: Now comes the lipstick, which should blend visually with the lip liner. To do this, carefully work the pencil along with the liner. For a subtle finish, you can also dab the lipstick on your lips.  
Step 4: To remove the slight shimmer of the pencil, use the tissue to dab over your lips to absorb the wax in the lipstick.
Step 5: This step is not a must, but can still help with "matting". To do this, place a cosmetic tissue over your lips, take a wider brush, dip it in the transparent powder, and dab this powder onto the tissue, which filters the powder particles, so to speak. This not only firms the lipstick but also gives it a natural look without the lips looking powdered.

How to Extend the Life of Lipstick
The longevity of lipstick is determined not only by the ingredients but also by the way it is applied. As previously said, preliminary care is essential while applying matte lipstick to avoid lips drying out or seeming cracked. The powder can be used to add extra hold. This should be done before applying the lip color. Because the powder helps to remove the superfluous fat from the lip care, the product, in this example the lipstick, sticks better to the lips. For nail polish, a similar method is done, in which dirt and grease are removed from the nail with nail polish remover before applying the polish to ensure that it lasts longer. 
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