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You have to know this ponytail trick!

الرئيسية / / You have to know this ponytail trick!

You want a flawless ponytail, don't you? Then we've got the best advice for you.
Remember how you used to tie two ponytails together to make your hair look as long and voluminous as possible when you were a teenager? 90% of the time, it didn't even come close to looking like that. Despite this, the most bizarre ponytail tricks and suggestions continue to circulate the internet. We put the most recent on to the test.
More volume is the main goal of this method. Anyone with thin hair is familiar with the problem: we tie a braid and it appears as if we only have three hairs on our head. The more braids you have, the worse it gets. We can simply get around it now.

Ponytail XXL - this is how it works
You only need a conventional hair tie that is as thin as possible. Invisibobbles or scrunchies don't work so well here - but it's still worth a try.

Now, wrap the hair tie around your hair just as if you were trying to tie a normal braid. For the last twist, however, you don't pull the hair tie around all the hair, but divide the braid once in the middle and tie the hair tie only around this part at the end. Now pull the braid tight - and you have a maximum voluminous ponytail. Without 84202084 steps and tools. In the video we show how it works:

Ponytail tips for pros
Whether you tie a regular braid or use this trick: Always comb your hair beforehand! This makes it much easier to bring your hair together and makes it smoother. 

Do you think a normal braid is too boring? Then twist a pair of curls into the lengths either before or after - this gives the braid a completely different look.

To make the ponytail look perfect, you can tame the fine baby hairs on the top of your head with a toupee comb and some hair gel or styling pomade. It's best to apply the product to the hair before tying the braid. Pure perfection!


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