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This lunch mistake makes us gain weight faster

الرئيسية / / This lunch mistake makes us gain weight faster

Brazilian researchers have studied the effects of our media use on food. Their shocking conclusion: smartphones and the like can make us fat!
Do you also find it boring to concentrate only on eating at breakfast, lunch or dinner and therefore like to check the news or write e-mails on the side? Then we strongly advise you to stop and put your cell phone away. Brazilian researchers from the Federal University of Lavras have proven in a study that we consume more calories when we use media while eating. In other words: smartphones, magazines and the like make us gain weight!

Hands off the cell phone - and magazines
For their study, the researchers provided 62 test subjects with sweet and savory snacks. During the first two tests, the participants were allowed to read magazines or play games on their cell phones while eating. In a third test, they were again allowed to eat as much as they wanted, but neither read nor check their cell phones while doing so. The result: those who read while eating or played on their smartphones consumed around 15 percent more calories than those who ate without using media at the same time. 

What really makes you fat is distraction
The scientists attribute the increased calorie intake and the larger portions associated with it simply to the fact that the use of media - i.e. both smartphones and magazines - distracted the participants from how much they had actually already eaten. Study author Luciano Pereira concludes, "Distractions like the smartphone or reading material can increase calorie intake by interrupting memory processes." Thus, those who constantly focus on other things while eating on the side may increase their risk of obesity, according to the researchers.

It's more than just what's on your plate that counts
It is well known that a healthy and balanced diet can prevent obesity. But according to Pereira, it's not just what you eat that counts, but also how: "People should not only pay attention to what foods they eat - they should also avoid disruptive factors while eating to prevent obesity." 

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