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Theraband training: train effectively everywhere

الرئيسية / / Theraband training: train effectively everywhere

Our Theraband workout is ideal for your full-body workout and ensures a tight butt, a flat stomach, and defined arms!
With the Theraband you train intensively and effectively everywhere - no matter where!
Hardly any other fitness equipment is as practical as the Theraband: it doesn't cost much, is lightweight, and even comes along on vacation. Strength endurance, muscle building, and body shaping can be ideally combined with it. For training to strengthen the muscles, you need a band 200 to 250 cm long. The color of the band indicates the resistance.

Beginners choose a band with light resistance, advanced with medium resistance. You should be able to do the Theraband exercises with all repetitions well and still be able to perform them technically correctly the last time. The Therabands are available in sports stores for about ten euros. Good news for allergy sufferers: There are also latex-free bands!

Theraband workout: how to train correctly
  • Warm-up your body for 4-5 minutes before fitness exercises.
  • Wrap the band around your hands (hold it with your thumb) or feet as double and wide as possible.
  • Keep your wrists stable - do not bend them. In the starting position (A) of the exercises, both the body and the band are always in slight basic tension.
  • Do not let the band snap back after it is pulled apart. Bring it back slowly.
  • Breathe out as you tighten the band and breathe in again as you release it. You should repeat an exercise about 15 to 20 times (one series). Try to do two to three series per exercise with a rest of about 20 seconds each time. To improve your overall strength endurance (low intensity - more repetitions - more series), exercise 2 to 3 times per week for about 30 minutes.
Theraband workout for your complete workout
  • Upper arm/triceps and shoulder girdle
  • Stand hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, torso erect, and in slight submission. The back of the left-hand presses against the butt. The right elbow is almost vertical over the shoulder. The band is in slight pretension.
  • Now stretch the right forearm upward, palm facing forward. Pull the shoulders out and down. Then slowly bend the arm again, gradually releasing tension in the band. The head remains upright. Side Switch. Strengthens triceps and shoulder girdle.

Isolated exercise for the upper arm/biceps
  • Small step position, right in front of left. Hold the band with the right hand and fix the center with the front foot so that the band is slightly taut. Feet and knees point in one direction, knees slightly bent. The upper body is upright and in slight forward lean. The left-hand presses against the left buttock.
  • Now bend and straighten the right forearm at the elbow. The elbow stays close to the torso, shoulders are out and down. Side change. Here the biceps are made fit.
  • Isolated exercise for the shoulder girdle
  • Stand hip-width apart on the band, feet parallel, knees slightly bent. The arms are stretched down, the band is fixed with the hands and in pretension. The upper body is slightly tilted forward from the hips, the chest is lifted upward.
  • Bring both elbows close to the torso upwards to the back. Pull shoulders outward, shoulder blades toward the pelvis and toward the spine. Keep the upper body and chest stable. Slowly return to starting position.
  • Arms, shoulders, and legs
  • Small straddle. Knees are slightly bent, over mid-foot and pointing toward the top of the foot. The band is fixed in pretension with hands and feet. The elbows are bent at right angles and close to the body, with the forearms pointing forward.
  • Now simultaneously straighten the arms and legs, bringing the arms sideways to shoulder height. Elbows and knees remain slightly bent. Pull the shoulders out and down. The upper body is upright and in slight forward lean. Slowly return to starting position. The workout aims to strengthen the muscles in the arms, legs, and shoulders.
  • Back and outside of legs
  • Small straddle, knees bent, place heels on the band. Wrap the band crosswise around the lower legs, knees, and thighs. Hands hold the band with pretension, arms slightly bent.
  • Now bring the bent arms outward from the center (elbows at about shoulder height), palms facing forward. Pull the shoulder blades downward. Slowly return to the starting position. During the entire exercise, press against the band with the outside of Ben's hand! This exercise works the back and legs.

Back, abdomen, legs
Place feet parallel to each other, knees bent and above the mid-foot. Tighten the band between the feet and palms. The upper body is erect in itself.
From a deep bent-over position, simultaneously straighten knees, hips, torso, and arms. The upper body remains stable and in a slightly forward position, with no hollow back! Pull the shoulders out and down. With tension, slowly return to the deep starting position. In this exercise the abdomen is particularly tense, it is also particularly suitable for the back.
Legs and buttocks
Stand hip-width apart, hands supported, thumbs forward. Place the right leg in the strap loop and fix it with the left foot in pretension, bend the right foot.
Now alternately spread the right leg outward and bring it back in. The pelvis points forward and is stabilized in the middle position - do not pull the buttocks in or out. Knees and toes point forward. Keep the upper body upright and vertical. The standing leg remains slightly bent. Change sides.
Lateral trunk muscles
Small straddle, knees bent, knees and feet pointing in the same direction. The feet and right hand fix the band with slight pretension. The left hand provides lateral support. The chest is straightened upwards in front.
Now alternately bring the right arm in a wide arc over the head to the left side and back to the center. While doing this, tilt the upper body to the side as well. Weight remains evenly distributed on both legs. Shoulders away from ears. Side Switch.
Oblique abdominal muscles
Straddle the seat on the floor, wrap the center of the band around the right foot. The upper body is upright and slightly rotated to the right. Grasp band with slight pretension and fold hands in front of the chest.
Rotate torso, hands, and arms to the left and back to starting position against resistance of the band. Hands remain in front of the chest as much as possible, shoulders down on the outside, elbows pointing outward. Side changes.
Buttocks, legs, back
Supine position, place both legs hip-width apart. Bring right leg in and place band flat across the knee. Place arms and hands beside torso with backs of hands facing down. The right leg is bent at about the right angle to keep the band from slipping off.
Now press the left foot toward the floor and alternately raise and lower the pelvis. In the raised position, thighs and torso form a line as much as possible. Change sides.


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