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Tapping massage: simply tap away anger

الرئيسية / / Tapping massage: simply tap away anger

Can stress and resentment be tapped away in a self-experiment with tapping massage?
Where is the fury in tapping massage?
It sounds crazy, but if you're overworked and sick, you should transmit tapping signals to your body. Simply tap a few locations on your head and arms softly with your index and middle fingers to convey messages inside via the energy channels, the meridians. This restores harmony between the soul and the spirit. Experts in this "skill" claim as much.

But it's not quite that straightforward. Because tapping alone isn't sufficient. The goal of "psychological acupressure" is to address one's own thoughts and feelings. As I sat in front of Micheline Rampe, I rapidly recognize this. The Hamburg woman, who has studied many meridian tapping techniques in addition to her coach training, wants to know what problem or unpleasant mood is hurting her.
asks Micheline afterward. In the head? In the throat? In the stomach? Does it get stronger or weaker, does it move in the body, does it change?

We begin with a breathing technique to help us relax. Then Micheline Rampe taps on my head, around my eyes, under the root of my nose and lips, on my sternum, under my arms, and on one hand in a precise sequence. While I'm doing this, I have to keep repeating my problem aloud: "My fury at X. My anger at X. My anger at X." "

asks Micheline afterward. In the head? In the throat? In the stomach? Does it get stronger or weaker, does it move in the body, does it change?

It is unusual to talk about feelings in this way. We sometimes say that something "sits on the back of our neck" or "feels heavy in our stomach. But to evaluate such feelings, to assess their intensity, is new for me. However, there is hardly any time for such thoughts during the treatment, because the mind is constantly busy - with repeating the sentence ("My anger at X"), with perceiving the effect that the gentle "tapping" triggers in my body. And with ever new tasks like: circling my eyes, fixing points in space, humming a song, counting backward.

A softer version of acupressure is tapping massage.
Meridian tapping is a softer and more simple version of acupressure. They employ knowledge of the body's energy pathways, which is also used in Far Eastern medical teachings such as Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are other findings from brain research and cognitive psychology, which are concerned with mental processes.
mechanisms of thinking. All together can stimulate the self-healing powers and lighten the mood, of it in the meantime also critical specialists are convinced.

The fundamental guidelines can be taught easily from a book or from an experienced practitioner. Many people give themselves a soul massage and utilize meridian tapping as a daily time-out to calm their bodies and minds and listen to themselves. The results are comparable to those of meditation: a clearer mind and more peace. This hits me hard, especially when I'm dealing with a coworker.

Tapping with meridian tapping - what you should know
There are several variants of meridian tapping, for example, EFT (for "Emotional Freedom Technique") or MET (for "Meridian Energy Technique"). Users can be found through the website
It is advisable to be suspicious when help is promised against chronic pain or the late effects of shock experiences - such effects have not been proven. In any case, it is important to ask what qualifications the practitioner has before the first appointment. The title "MET therapist" is not protected. Sometimes certificates are awarded after only three-weekend seminars.

A session of one-hour duration costs on average 80 euros. The self-treatment is shown in workshops, as they offer recently also some fitness studios. More information in "Tidy up in the head" of Micheline ramp (208 sides, 16,90 euro, Allegria) and in "Emotional liberty. Immediate help in stressful situations with acupressure" by Silvia Hartmann (208 pages, 14.90 euros, VAK).


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