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Orgasm during sports - does it really exist?

الرئيسية / / Orgasm during sports - does it really exist?


If women train their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles intensively, they can reach orgasm in the process, it is said. What is the so-called coregasm all about?
What is a coregasm anyway?
A coregasm is an orgasm that women experience while exercising. It got its name because it is usually triggered by abdominal exercises (during a "core workout"). Unlike vaginal or clitoral orgasms, a coregasm does not require external friction or compelling sexual thoughts. Researchers are not yet clear about the exact mechanisms by which this happens, but contractions in the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles seem to stimulate the clitoris.

Oh, so there are even studies on this already?
Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey was the first to mention the coregasm phenomenon in his 1953 book Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, in which he reported that five percent of the women he spoke with had already experienced orgasm during exercise. A more recent study from Indiana University in 2011 shows that coregasms aren't all that rare: Of the 530 women surveyed anonymously - with an average age of 18.9 - 370 said they had experienced either an orgasm or at least feelings of pleasure while exercising.

Which exercise is most likely to get me to coregasm?
And how does it feel?
"With a coregasm, I don't get the pulsating contractions that I get during sex or masturbation," one young woman tells Popular Science in an interview. She also says the tingling sensation around the clitoris is absent. "You have better control of it," another woman writes in CrossFit Journal. "I can feel the coregasm coming. And when I do more reps, I climax, too. If I had stopped earlier, I probably could have suppressed it."

What do I learn from this?
The fact that certain exercises can trigger an orgasm in women shows that the female climax doesn't necessarily have anything to do with sex and arousal. It can also be purely physical. And the fact that we can experience feelings of pleasure while exercising increases motivation right away - doesn't it? By the way: Even if we don't experience a coregasm, we still benefit from exercising. Because apart from better fitness and health, strong pelvic floor muscles make orgasms more intense - whenever and wherever we have them
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