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6 teas that help us lose weight

الرئيسية / / 6 teas that help us lose weight


We know quite a few healthy foods that help us lose weight. But what about beverages? With these teas, the pounds fall!
1. mate tea
Everyone knows mate tea by now - but did you know that the Latin American among the teas is also a suitable means for losing weight? In addition to the minerals and vitamins, this is mainly due to the caffeine and saponins contained, which get the metabolism going and thus help to burn calories. By the way, in the past, tea was used to suppress hunger.

2. white tea
White tea tastes milder than other teas because it is less processed than its black and green tea counterparts, but it has twice as much power. Its ingredients not only have a tightening effect on the skin but also directly on fat cells. These are stimulated by the active ingredients, which are assigned to the polyphenols, to store less fat and release it more quickly. Well then, cheers.

3rd St. John's wort tea
St. John's wort tea is said to have not only an antidepressant effect but also a weight-reducing effect. The reason: St. John's wort stimulates the body's own happiness hormone serotonin and thus acts against cravings. It thus helps perfectly against a motivation low, which afflicts most of us from time to time during the diet.

4. oolong tea
Oolong tea is the optimal tea for all diet friends. The weight loss secret: The contained saponins help the body's own enzymes to break down fats, which are then excreted from the body unprocessed. As with mate tea, caffeine also helps to boost the metabolism. In China, it is therefore customary to serve tea with fatty dishes.

5. ginger tea
Ginger tea has numerous positive effects on the body: it detoxifies, boosts metabolism, and stimulates digestion. In addition, it invigorates, relieves nausea, and supports the immune system. It is therefore an ideal companion for people who are on a diet and have to deal with one or the other motivation low.

6. green tea
For those who want to lose weight, green tea should be a daily companion to the menu. Because the bitter substances contained in the tea have an appetite-suppressing effect and reduce the desire for sweets. Caffeine also has an invigorating effect, increasing energy metabolism. The catechin contained in the tea reduces fat absorption in the stomach and intestines.

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