Is running better than working out at the gym?

Is running better than working out at the gym?

Running is said to be far more productive than working out at the gym. So is it appropriate to cancel our subscription - and move our exercise to the great outdoors?
Study: Running versus the gym
In general, it's always a good idea to move your exercise outdoors - but now you have a good reason. As a study group of the London "School of Economics and Political Science" has found out, runners are generally thinner than gym-goers. More than 50,000 people over the age of 13 were included in the analysis. The result: the people who ran briskly for at least 30 minutes a day had narrower waists and lower BMI's than people who did their intense work-out at the gym. An amazing result, after all, running is free and can be done virtually anywhere.

The only drawback: the researchers could not find out whether running was responsible for the thinner figure. In other words: If you are currently celebrating success thanks to regular gym workouts, then continue to do so. Nevertheless, a short walk is always beneficial - also from a health perspective.

Walks prevent disease
The United States Sanitary Inspector Vivek Murthy is a big advocate of walking. Speaking to "Associated Press" recently, he urged U.S. citizens to exercise more. "I firmly believe that everyone in America has a permanent place to run or to roll their wheelchairs," Murthy explained.

Overall, running has numerous positive effects on our bodies - and even prevents disease. According to the study, just twenty minutes a day is enough to reduce the risk of premature death by 30 percent, and thirty minutes already has a positive weight loss effect on the body. Walking for around 15 minutes after every meal helps regulate blood sugar levels. A good preventive measure for diabetes. And that's not all: walking is also good for the heart, against insomnia, and in the fight against depression.


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