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Ingrown nail: that helps!

الرئيسية / / Ingrown nail: that helps!
Ingrown nail: two feet and two hands

An ingrown nail is uncomfortable and often painful. What helps - we explain to you.
An ingrown nail occurs predominantly on the feet and affects the big toenail. It is usually associated with pain. If the nail grows in, inflammation develops. Which can fester or bleed? This happens when bacteria colonize the wound. How they arise, what helps, and how you can prevent ingrown toenails - explains.

Ingrown toenail: causes

An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the nail presses into the skin from the side and can grow in such a way that the underlying tissue is injured, swells, and becomes inflamed.
The following factors favor the ingrowth of a toenail:
  • Nails cut too short or rounded at the corners
  • shoes that are too tight
  • Sweaty feet
  • Obesity
  • Diseases like diabetes mellitus
  • the use of cancer drugs

Ingrown toenail: symptoms

  • The tissue swells turn red and are sensitive to pressure.
  • There is also a strong feeling of tension in the skin.
  • The inflammation causes pain.

Ingrown toenail: treatment

Depending on how severe the symptoms are, you can treat the ingrown toenail yourself. The following measures have proven effective:
  • Footbath: Treat your feet to a bathroom and soak the affected toenail in warm soapy water for 10 to 20 minutes. Then you can push the skin away from the ingrown nail edge. Important: dry your feet thoroughly. Otherwise, there is a risk of nail fungus!
  • Foot care: After the footbath, apply an antiseptic tincture or ointment to the affected area; this has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  •  The toenail can grow freely again.
  • Nail braces: are placed on the nail and hooked behind one or both side edges of the nail. By pulling the clasp, the pin is lifted a little.
  • Plastic splints: are pushed over the edge of the nail, creating a gap between the pin and the skin.
If the ingrown toenail is very painful, chronically inflamed, or festering, surgery can help. The inflamed tissue and the affected nail are removed down to the nail root.

Ingrown toenail: this is how you can prevent it

Ingrown toenails can be prevented with the following measures:
  • Do not trim or round the nails too short at the cornersHere we explain what you should pay attention to when cutting toenails.
  • When choosing shoes, make sure that your toes have enough space.
  • Use open shoes or shoes made from a breathable materialThis counteracts perspiration.
  • Walk barefoot often.
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