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That's why we should all keep our hands off the razor!

الرئيسية / / That's why we should all keep our hands off the razor!
Expert warns: That's why we should all keep our hands off the razor!

ou get up in the morning, jump into the shower and grab the shave from the edge of the bathtub to start the day as hair-free as possible. You can do it, but you shouldn't, reveals a real waxing expert in an interview with us. 
Summer is here and there are plenty of opportunities to show your legs. So that the sweet, new mini dress really comes into its own and that annoying hairs don't steal the show, it is now time to say: Get rid of the hair down. 
Whether shaving, epilating, or waxing - there are countless methods to fight our body hair. But not all of them lead to the perfect result, reveals Christine Margreiter, founder of 'Wax in the City' in an interview with .de. Especially when it comes to shaving, the alarm bells ring for her.
When you shave, you cut the hair at the thickest part - on the surface. So it grows back immediately and stubble develops after a very short time. In addition, the risk of skin irritation is much higher: The skin scales, so you always have tiny tiny bruises on the skin and almost always infect yourself while shaving as soon as you run your blade over it.
The entrepreneur, who runs waxing studios all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and even Ireland, swears by the classic method with warm wax.
Waxing removes the hair and onion, so you have smooth skin for longer. The risk of injury is also not nearly as high as when shaving, because our Epiladoras (the trained staff in the studios, editor's note) remove the hair cleanly without breaking it off, which means that it can grow in and ignite. 

Intimate waxing improves sex life

While we are primarily concerned with hair-free legs and armpits in summer, a completely different region of the body is particularly in demand at 'Wax in the city': intimate waxing! The Brazilian Hollywood Cut, the completely hair-free genital area, is the most popular treatment, reveals Christine Margreiter. Followed closely by the landing strip and the so-called triangle, where only a triangle remains. And the hair-free genital area has more advantages than just hygiene. 
Skin is incredibly smooth, especially with the Brazilian Hollywood Cut, so the feeling during sex is also more intense. Nothing sticks or is in the way - that affects the feeling during sex.
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