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Dream woman: 7 qualities that make you one

الرئيسية / / Dream woman: 7 qualities that make you one

Dream woman: A couple on a jetty by the lake
Be honest: Wouldn't we all like to be a dream woman? Then we should also try to be one - because not only the men benefit from it ...

What is a dream woman?

Big breasts, firm buttocks and a beautiful smile - qualities that surely come to mind for some of us when it comes to what men imagine a dream woman to be. But would we also describe our dream man as a well-built guy with a six-pack, broad shoulders and well-groomed hands? Just!
For men, eye-catchers and dream women are just as different pairs of shoes when looking for a partner as for us. 
  • Eye-catcher: attractive, person we would like to conquer and who is absolutely suitable for dating, falling in love and sex
  • Dream woman / man  person whom we would ideally like to have by our side for the rest of our lives (and next to us in bed).
Sure: Every eye-catcher can also be a dream woman. But the characteristics that make her an eye-catcher differ from those that make her a dream woman. Because what men love about a woman in the long term is usually not apparent at first glance .

7 characteristics of a dream woman for life

1. She speaks openly what moves her.

Surprise, surprise: men can read minds as badly as women. And who likes to have a relationship with a partner who always shows him what he's bad at ...? Dream women tell their boyfriend what is going on and save him a headache, frustration, and annoyance. And yourself, too, by the way ...

2. She has her own head.

To brag about your buddies, a fancy tag might be nice. But when it comes to shaping a life together, women and men can hardly be independent, independent, and determined enough. Of course, as a friend, we should also compromise and not expect to always implement our 100% will. But in a dream partnership, the partners inspire each otherYou can't do that without your own ideas, goals, friends, hobbies - brains.

3. It is not always predictable.

Yes, dream women are sometimes in a bad mood or are so passionately enthusiastic about an idea out of the blue that the sparks fly around them. Incredible, but true: That makes them human, lovable, and charming - even for a manNobody wants to spend his life with a machine, not even if it were sexy, blonde, and blue-eyed.

4. She is genuinely interested in his view of things.

A dream woman takes her partner seriously and sees his input (opinion, perspective, wishes, interests) as enrichment and inspiration. Nice side effect for him: he gets to feel it! First prize for his ego and self-confidence. Sometimes psychology is that simple - honestly love and respect a person and you become irresistible for him ...   

5. She enjoys her life.

What is more important when choosing a partner: the look or the feeling we have in the presence of each other? Exactly, the feeling, both for men and women. But it doesn't make anyone feel good if their partner is constantly disciplined and stoic and refuses to enjoy it. On the other hand, people who like to live and enjoy infect their surroundings and make others happier with their way. No wonder that enjoyment is a dream woman criterion ...  

6. She has fun with sex.

And in combination with point 1 - jackpot! In bed, it's not about beauty, special abilities or qualities. He also doesn't care whether our zodiac signs harmonize sexually. On the other hand, what most find incredibly sexy and irresistible is when a woman feels like it and goes off during intercourse and gets her money's worthNot for him, but for himself. Win-win situation, it looks like ... 
7. You trusted him.

Yes, healthy jealousy is part of a healthy relationship and is even a sign of love . But if you are healthy jealous, you can trust your partner - and that's what men want from a dream woman. Because it gives them security and relationship relaxesAnd at least subliminally, because trust in relationships always requires a certain level of self-confidence - and to have that, after all, a (dream) woman has every reason ...

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