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7 clear signs that you need a vacation very quickly

الرئيسية / / 7 clear signs that you need a vacation very quickly
Well, ready for a vacation?

1. You can hear the waves rustling no matter where

Good, is only the printer that spits out your colleague's 100-page pamphlet. But you are sure: wave ahead, wave back, wave forward, wave back. That your boss pulls you out of your dreams is really wrong. There's only one thing: you have to get out of here.

2. You have an urgent desire to set up a kitsch screensaver

White beach, green palm tree, turquoise water ... Your optimal screen distance would be from here to the Caribbean. 

3. You think Tuesday is Friday

Hach, luckily it's tomorrow... er Wednesday. If this happens to you, again and again, it is unmistakable: your battery runs on the back burner.

4. You feel like watching the jungle camp

Hopefully, there can only be one reason for this: the beautiful landscape. A very bad symptom of wanderlust ... You should react quickly.

5. You feel like writing postcards

Are you hanging out in front of the postcard stand in the city like a junkie and thinking about sending a greeting to Aunt Inge from home? Don't worry, you haven't gone mad. It's just a longing for compensation. If you were really on vacation now, you would be interested in the cards. And Aunt Inge shamefully too.

6. You are considering quitting, emigrating and becoming a star at "Goodbye Germany"

Especially people who are ready for vacation tend to be dramatic. No, you don't have to quit. The secret formula is "submit vacation". We now know that this is urgently needed. We keep our fingers crossed that it works ...

7. You have the idea to share an article on Facebook with the title "7 clear signs that you need a vacation quickly"

It shouldn't go that far, because that's really VERY clear ... :-)
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