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10 things you should avoid on your wedding day

الرئيسية / / 10 things you should avoid on your wedding day

Bride etiquette: 10 things you should avoid on your wedding day

The wedding should be the most beautiful day in the life of a bride. This is why the planning phase starts months before the big day. Who is on the guest list? What dishes are served? Which wedding songs do you dance toQuestions over questions that everyone wants to be clarified. Stress is inevitable.
But as exhausting as the time before saying yes can be, the actual wedding day should be relaxedAfter all, you want to enjoy it to the fullest, don't you? However, this only works if you avoid these things:

1. Wear new shoes

Don't worry, you don't have to stand in front of the altar in worn-out shoes. So that your chic new shoes don't give you nasty blisters and make the day a painful procedure, you should definitely break them in beforehand.

2. Do not eat anything

We fully understand that on a day like this you often don't get a bit of nervousness. You should still eat something. Just think of what happens when your circulation suddenly goes limp while standing in front of the altar? Ask your maid of honor if need be: she'll have a snack or two readies for you.

3. Eat something that stains

Speaking of food: If you eat something, then maybe not the dark gravy or cherries from the chocolate fountain. Stains are inevitable and they are definitely not easy to hide on your bright white wedding dress.

4. Drink too much alcohol

Toast here once, toast there again - the champagne flutes clink countless times on your wedding day. Of course, you should have fun, but don't forget to replace the champagne with water every now and then. After all, you want to remember that day for a long time and not be raised for the rest of your life by how you staggered around drunk at your wedding. 

5. Drive your own car

Do you prefer to drive a car yourselfLeave it to others on your wedding day. On the one hand, it is much nicer to let yourself be fussed from front to back, on the other hand, your nerves are already riding a roller coaster so that you cannot concentrate 100% on the traffic. Safety first, you know!

6. Hang on the cell phone all the time

We understand that the cell phone is also our most loyal companion. But maybe on your wedding day, you should consider putting the good stuff in the hands of your maid of honor? Or do you want to hang on the string all day and answer SMS? Your BFF will be happy to play your secretary and pass on all the important information.

7. Allow too little time

Are you more of the all-on-the-last-press bride? Jump over your shadow and plan your time generously. What if the streets are suddenly completely congested? Or does the bridal hairstyle need a second attempt?
You will be so much more relaxed if you have time buffers. By the way, don't forget to give yourself and your sweetheart a few breaks. Withdraw, take a few deep breaths and be aware of what a happy day you are having.

8. Go crazy about the weather

If you're not getting married in the Caribbean, the weather is a thing. If the weather forecast promised bright sunshine yesterday, it can look very different today. As long as you don't have a very hot line up to Peter, you will unfortunately not be able to change anything. So relax. In the whole wedding planning, you always paid attention to a weather-independent location.

9. Use SOS beauty tricks

Of course you want to look perfect on your big day. However, jumping quickly into the solarium, bathing in a self-tanner or putting the new towel mask on your face before the wedding can lead to unpleasant surprises. We only say spots, pimples and redness! Better stick to your tried and tested beauty routine and be yourself.

10. Believe that everything will be perfect

Because - and secretly you know that for sure - it won't! Something always gets out of hand, breaks, is delayed (see point 7) or ultimately does not become 100% as you once planned. So what? You can't change it anymore and as long as your husband and you are surrounded by your loved ones and just enjoy your happiness, everything is perfect, right? 

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