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"It's typical again ...": 5 things that happy couples never do

الرئيسية / / "It's typical again ...": 5 things that happy couples never do
5 things happy couples never do
The pink is all beautiful. New love is exciting, hot, and full of butterflies in love in the stomach. But what keeps a relationship together in the long term and what would happy couples never do?

1. Talk badly about each other

Of course, you can throw up with your best friend or mom that the man has not put away his dirty socks again. But when it comes down to it, that should be resolved between the two of you, if possible. Involving uninvolved parties in a dispute is unfair, especially since the other person cannot express himself and make his own point of view clear. Tips from friends and relatives only rarely help if you don't talk to each other, but only about each other. 

2. Complaining constantly

"I always have to clear everything after you", "You never listen to me" or "That is so typical, it is always the same with you!" - sentences that happy couples do not say. Because in the best case we talk about the unpleasant and reflect otherwise and always see the positive in the other instead of getting so upset about trifles and throwing generalizations at them. Sure, some things are annoying, but breaking an argument in front of the fence doesn't help. Rather explain calmly and factually what is disturbing.

3. Don't talk about money

Financial problems are an enormous burden for every relationship, but our minds still have the idea: "You don't talk about money." Bullshit! In a relationship, the others should also know about the other's finances. That gives security and trust. 

4. Compare yourself with other couples

Just because others meet for a date night once a month doesn't mean anything about the quality of your relationship if you don't. If you feel comfortable, the way you spend time together and separately, it doesn't matter how other couples do it. Relationships are individual and not a competition.

5. Don't laugh together

Laughter relieves tension, is healthy, and connects. So if you can make each other laugh, that's half the battle in a relationship.
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