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Tell me how you close your bra and I'll tell you how you tick

الرئيسية / / Tell me how you close your bra and I'll tell you how you tick
At least that's what a body language expert claims. Is there really anything in bra psychology?
When it comes to how to put on your bra in the morning, the camps are divided - at least here in the editorial office. Eight of us close the little hooks at the front under the chest, then push the bra back and slip on the straps. In total, six editors put on the unlocked bra and close the hooks on the back of the back. And one prefers to wear sports tops, because "nothing falls out, there is no pinch anywhere and dislocations are unnecessary".
And this different approach should really say something about our personality? The American body language expert Patti Wood claims that at least. It makes a difference in a Redbook-Article four different personality types - drivers, analysts, expressive and reliable - and explains that even everyday activities like putting on a bra in the morning tell something about our character.
Do you find yourself in these descriptions?

The behind-the-back capper

You are a reliable one and like to stick to traditions and proven processes. Your mom probably showed you how to put it on (and closed it at the back of your back) with your first bra - and you stayed with it. You like to have people around you and support them in all matters. You like to make friends, but are afraid of changes.

The front capper with a twist

You are expressive, attach great importance to your appearance and are accordingly proud of it. No wonder you like being noticed and valued. Your bra selection is large, often striking and colorful. With your way of putting on the bra, you make sure that everything fits perfectly and looks good.

The front closure buyer

You are a driver, your motto in life is: "We have no time to waste!" That’s why you don’t want to mess around with bra hooks that you can’t see. Simply put on a bra with a front closure and start the day quickly! When shopping - and in life - you make smart, well-researched decisions that you don't question. You are the boss - and take on everyone.

The overhead puller

You are an analyst and like to do things properly. That's why you tend to close your bra properly and then just put it on every morning. You particularly like sports bras. You don't like to be the center of attention - and you probably prefer to be undisturbed when dressing in the morning.
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