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Clean Eating - Healthy eating can be this easy

الرئيسية / / Clean Eating - Healthy eating can be this easy
Clean eating: fruit on plates

This is clean eating

Tosca Reno is considered the Eat-Clean-Queen, the American lived for a long time in an unhealthy relationship, was overweight, and described herself as addicted to sugar: ice cream, peanut butter and everything sweet was not safe from her. At the age of 40, she finally pulled the handbrake, changed her life - and her eating behavior. Her book on the Eat Clean Diet became a bestseller.
The focus of the diet concept Clean Eating (too German about eating clean unprocessed stand), so natural, food with no artificial additives and refined sugar. But the concept consists of other important pillars:
  • Regional ingredients
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Meals freshly prepared
  • Whole products ("Whole Grain Products")
  • Low in sugar/free of sugar
  • Low salt
Eating "clean" means dealing with food again and maybe even exposing yourself to unfamiliar taste experiences ... How about really tasting the individual components of the main course instead of drowning it in a thick cream sauce?
Clean eating makes us cook ourselves and above all fresh, rely on foods that ideally come from the region and are currently in season (here you can find the BRIGITTE seasonal calendar ). Doesn't sound that difficult, does it? We have put together a few tips for you. 

What can I eat during clean eating?

A lot! Those who do without ready meals and other industrially processed foods do not automatically do without delicious food! These delicious foods are on the Clean Eating menu:
  • Fresh fish
  • Fresh meat
  • Whole-grain foods
  • Seasonal and regional vegetables
  • Herbs
  • (Unsweetened) dairy products
  • High-quality fats and oils
  • nuts
  • Natural sweeteners such as honey or fruit sugar from fruit

Beware of...

  • Drinks! Not only lemonades & Co contain sugar and additives, flavored water often contains added sugar and artificial flavors.
  • Diet or light products! Even if they do not contain refined sugar, they have other non-clean ingredients. 

8 tips for changing your diet

  1. It is quite possible to lose a few pounds with Clean Eating, even if that is not the focus. Remember that if you eat a pack of nuts with lots of calories uninhibitedly instead of your favorite chocolate, you will probably not notice any weight loss ...
  2. This does not mean that you generally have to do without all foods with high-calorie content! Because calories alone do not determine whether a food is good for you. For example, nuts contain important nutrients - not a pizza that has many calories but unfortunately no important nutrients. So: high-quality, nutrient-rich food yes, to the right extent!
  3. Tosca Reno recommends six smaller meals a day to keep blood sugar levels constant and prevent cravings.
  4. She also advises combining complex carbohydrates (e.g. whole grain pasta) with low-fat proteins (e.g. chicken) in every meal to provide the body with the best possible care. 
  5. Organic = clean and healthy ...? Not necessarily. Ready-made organic products can also have a long list of ingredients and contain unwanted ingredients, such as sugar.
  6. In the cafeteria at lunchtime, in the evening in the restaurant and a cereal bar in between when the going gets tough - we often feed ourselves during the day because time may not allow otherwise. A well-planned weekly shopping and meal prep can help.
  7. The use of the salt shaker happens automatically when cooking, and there are many delicious alternatives for seasoning available. Here we present you suitable salt substitutesToo much salt can be unhealthy under certain circumstances, we tell you here when. 
  8. Another tip from the Eat-Clean-Queen: don't miss breakfast! It provides us with energy and makes us productive. 

Plan and recipes

This is what a clean eating day can look like for you - a few suggestions:
  1. Breakfastovernight protein porridge
  2. Snack: banana
  3. Lunch:  grilled chicken with chermoula and couscous
  4. Snack: a handful of nuts
  5. Dinner: a serving of salmon with potatoes and vegetables
  6. Midnight snack: plain yogurt with fruit 

Clean eating - advantages and disadvantages

Clean Eating is based on a wholesome and balanced nutritional concept, which is certainly not brand new, but which brings us back to healthy eating. However, one should not expect any miracles, as graduate ecotrophologist Brigitte Neumann told " If you are healthy, you can stay with clean eating. If you get sick, you should not be under the illusion of curing illnesses with clean eating to be able to. " If you want something good for yourself, you may shoot yourself past your goal and try to do everything "right" through dogmatic behavior, in the worst case there is orthorexia Nervosa, the addiction to healthy eating. So the rule is: listen to yourself and your body - and sometimes just let five be straight. 
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