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Hair makes years: short haircuts that make you younger

الرئيسية / / Hair makes years: short haircuts that make you younger
Woman with swinging hair is happy
We often treat our hairstyle a little neglected. It is above all our hair that, in addition to making nasty make-up mistakes, in the worst case makes us look older than we are. In the best case, they look good for a few years. 
Which hairstyles do a lot for us? These ones:

1. The classic bob

Short hair makes you younger and younger. They make us look cheekier and fresher than a long mane. Since our hair usually loses volume with increasing age, it often doesn't look beautiful in a long time. A bob already. The cut not only makes the hair appear fuller, but it also frames the face very advantageously. That is why the classic haircut is the ideal hairstyle for women over 40 who are struggling with thinning hair and want to look a little younger. 
Blond woman with bob and glasses

2. The deep side parting

The deep side parting on the bob brings momentum to the hair and gives us a certain looseness. The hair gets more bounce and movement again and thus ensure a youthful look. At the same time, the deep side parting can be elegantly styled and provides a dose of Hollywood glamor on special occasions. 
Woman with bob leans on bus

3. The wild one

Short haircut with curls? Go! And really good. A wild bob looks really nice, wild, and cheeky. Conversely, this makes up for a couple of years. The curls beautifully frame the face and distract from one or the other wrinkle. 
Laughing woman with short curly hair

4. Bob with bangs

He conceals small wrinkles on his forehead and plays around the face - a pony. In combination with a bob, this easily makes you five years younger.
Woman with bob and pony

5. Bob with side bangs

Side bangs also cover wrinkles on the forehead and make our facial features look softer and softer. It doesn't matter whether you have a short or long bob - you win back a few years either way with side bangs. 
Woman in front of wooden wall

6. Pixie

Really short makes you really young! Yes, it takes a bit of courage, but it's also worth it! The pixie cut is the fountain of youth among the short haircuts and just right for all women who don't have the time or simply don't feel like elaborate styling. 
Woman with pixie
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