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Flushing: Always this embarrassing blush

الرئيسية / / Flushing: Always this embarrassing blush
Flushing: woman pulls sweater over head
And then you notice how suddenly your face becomes very warm. As if all the blood shoots out of the body into the head and red spots form everywhere. And so you sit there ...
... at school, university, during a conference, with the hot guy on the first date visible from afar like a buoyHow I hate when my body conspires against me, my innermost simply turns outside. Blushing is the visualization of any uncertainty. The worst part is that there is simply nothing you can do about the so-called flush syndromeThe best way to help is to take a deep breath, bring a cool saying, and hope that the other person's attention quickly changes to something else, or in short, the floor just opens up to you. Flushing really sucks.

Flushing: the hard facts

  • the widespread phenomenon that occurs approximately equally often in women and men
  • can have a negative impact on social and professional life, for example avoiding meetings with others, even friends.
  • In some cases, a stressful phobia develops before a flush

What happens in our bodies when blushing?

There are a lot of theories why the blood suddenly shoots into our heads. When subjected to emotional stimuli, the body can respond with a fight or flight response, which stimulates the release of additional adrenalineThis in turn affects the sympathetic nervous system, which controls part of the nervous system that cannot be influenced arbitrarily. If this system is stimulated, this leads, among other things, to the expansion of blood vesselsA large amount of blood can flow there on the surface of the skinThe skin turns red and feels warm. In most cases, the upper chest, lower neck, and face affectedOccasionally, a flush can spread to the body and legs.

Flushing: These are the causes

Unfortunately, the blush cannot be controlledSome people blush at the slightest emotion or stress. Every one can imagine how terrible it is for those affected. But if you approach the problem with a doctor, he often cannot help either, in the worst case you can still hear:  "That is already growing together". Sure, by the mid-30s, that makes sense ... # iron off. In addition to emotional reasons such as insecurity, stress, and excitement, there are also other causes that should be excluded, for example:
  • the drop in estrogen levels during menopause 
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Medication and alcohol
  • high blood pressure
  • In some cases, skin disease rosacea may have an increased tendency to blush.
  • rare diseases, e.g. B. carcinoid syndrome, which leads to blushing

Can you treat flushing?

Everyone blushes in their life, that's not unusual eitherHowever, some people are so badly affected that they are severely restricted in their everyday life.
This helps people: 
  • to cover the skin cosmetically or to wear clothes with a turtleneck
  • cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis can help.
  • Drug therapy with beta-blockers can reduce flushes, although there is no scientific evidence to support this.
  • Anxiolytics and antidepressants can alleviate the anxiety associated with changing color, but do not appear to affect the blush itself.
  • an operation to cut nerve fibers in the chest cavity, which is irreversible and has many side effects
All aspects of the topic must be discussed thoroughly with the family doctor or surgeon.
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