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Fasting - The Corona Trend

الرئيسية / / Fasting - The Corona Trend
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One or two kilos has already made itself comfortable on our ribs. Expert Sebastian Wettcke reveals why we can handle this with interval fasting and what is hidden behind base fasting. 

Sebastian Wittke: Most of them are currently in their home office and move less. As a result, we burn up to 400 Kcal less but still eat as normal. This quickly creeps one or two flab on the ribs. Many are therefore looking for an alternative way to eat more consciously and come across interval fasting. You can also achieve quick results: Eating 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours can be done quickly - without much preparation. And that many people think that is evident from the downloads of our Fastic app. It has been downloaded twice as often since before the Corona crisis.

Why is the corona phase particularly suitable to start interval fasting?

Everyone knows this for sure: if we want to integrate a new habit into everyday life, it works best if we are less distracted and can concentrate on ourselves. We currently have enough rest and time to listen to our bodies. This is particularly important for interval fasting. In addition, we are not tempted to buy a small snack on the way to the office and break Lent.

Does it really help you lose weight?

Yes! Because with interval fasting nothing else happens then that we go into a natural calorie deficit. Specifically, we don't have time to eat as much as before. In addition, the metabolism in the fasting phase changes to fat burning. The body draws the energy it needs from its fat reserves because it cannot access the food in the stomach. And besides, during the fasting hormones are released that support our fat burning. On average, most people lose three kilos a month through fasting.

In addition to interval fasting, there is also base fasting. What exactly does it mean?

Every food is metabolized with certain pH value. Since our body itself has a slightly basic value, the diet with primarily basic foods can have a positive effect on the body. Those who eat a base-rich diet focus on eating foods that our bodies can convert into bases. So with base fasting, you refrain from eating foods that make you angry.

Why is such a diet so important?

The right acid-base balance is vital for the body. The body's buffer systems are able to balance a certain amount of acids, but this has its limits. Through industrialization, we mainly consume processed & animal products, which means that our buffer systems will sooner or later be exhausted. We are increasingly tired and tired. A look at our diet can already provide clues as to why this is the case. It is, therefore, all the more sensible to make a concrete note of what we eat.

At first, it sounds complicated to track your diet like this: Are there simple rules that can be used to divide the food into acidic, basic, or neutral?

I would recommend using the following rule of thumb so that the daily balance sheet ends up in the right direction. 70% of daily food should consist of base-forming foods. The remaining 30% from acid images. Basing agents are primarily plant-based foods. This includes most types of fruit and vegetables, potatoes and seeds, nuts, herbs, and seedlings. Acid images include processed products containing sugar or heavily processed wheat, such as pastries. Animal products are also among the foods that are metabolized acidic. If you follow these simple guidelines, you are on the right track. For those who find it difficult at first, our app offers the opportunity to record the food consumed and to get a daily evaluation. You also find out in what proportion the food should be consumed.

Can you really lose weight or strengthen your vitality?

There is no denying that vegetables and fruits have a positive effect on our state of health. These foods also have a low-calorie density, which is why you inevitably come into a natural calorie deficit. For this reason alone, you permanently lose excess body fat. In addition, our experience has shown that a diet based on natural and unprocessed foods has a positive effect on health and well-being. Many reports that they are more alert or more concentrated, or that some have improved their complexion.

What should you watch out for if you want to try this new diet?

It is important to adhere mainly to the simple guidelines and to design your diet largely from basic foods. Otherwise there are no restrictions and you can start with it overnight.

What other tips can you give about this diet?

Under no circumstances should nutrition be a burden, but rather a source of joy. Being open to new things and having fun experimenting helps immensely. You should also exercise regularly. This supports the metabolism. Anaerobic movement such as jogging or cycling fits perfectly here. Extreme competitive sports can also over acidify through the formation of lactic acid.
sebastian wettke
Sebastian Wettcke (24) is a fasting expert and, together with his co-founder Phillip Wayman, launched the Fastic app. Your goal: To make the old tradition, the knowledge and the positive effects of (interval) fasting accessible and understandable for everyone online. Even at a young age, it was a matter of course for the now 24-year-old to eat nothing more than fasting soup for several days, since his parents run a fasting hotel in the Black Forest and thus embody the tradition of fasting themselves. 
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