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6 husbands about the moment when they saw their bride for the first time

الرئيسية / / 6 husbands about the moment when they saw their bride for the first time
A racing heart, sweaty palms, dizziness - and what does the groom think when the great love for and towards the altar approaches? Six husbands remember ...
What do grooms think at the altar?  A groom looks at his bride
"Don't stumble! Don't stumble! Don't stumble! Phew, how far is that?" ... 
Some of us already know from our own experience what everything goes through your head as a bride is floating towards marriage and the altar (and of course we don't want to spoil for the others 😉). But what do grooms go through while standing in front and seeing their great love coming towards them - and for the first time in their wedding dress? The US " HuffPost " asked 22 husbands - we would like to share six answers with you here.

What do grooms think at the altar? 6 husbands remember

1. lucky!

"My best friend, my love, everything. She looks so perfect! I can't believe she chose ME. I have to be the greatest lucky guy in the world." (Xavier)

2. Absolutely overwhelming

"The moment my wife Kayla came down the stairs, my emotions overwhelmed me. I don't even think it was because of how beautiful she was, because she always looks beautiful. At that moment, all of our shared memories suddenly shot up I had to think about how far we had come, what obstacles we had overcome together and how much I love them. In addition, the music we had chosen was very special, composed by her uncle, and hearing this melody opened the floodgate for me ... "(David Lee) 

3. Wow!

"To be honest: When I was standing there looking at the field with my back to the guests, a lot of things went through my head. Will it start to rain during the ceremony? Do we have enough to eat? I have Quite hungry. When I heard her get closer I started to wonder what her dress would look like. What should I say? But when I turned and saw her, my head went completely blank. Everything I could think was: 'Wow!' "(Nathan)

4. Peace

"To put into words what I thought when I saw Arielle walk up to the altar is a challenge because I experienced so many different feelings at the moment. In the beginning I felt pure happiness - my future came towards me, so bright and beautiful. I've never felt such a high before. This great woman is about to marry me. The closer she got, the more I realized my happiness and my emotions literally exploded and I "cried like a baby" like a few describe my friends. When I finally held her in my arms, I felt peace as if I were at home. She was mine and I was hers. " (Patton Adderly) 

5. Alright

"I remember looking over at him and suddenly seeing this light coming from him like a light bulb. I knew why it was so important to get married. It was the light that will give us in the future will shine in our lives and point the way. " (Josef Lukan)

6. Not expected   

"I had an idea of ​​what she would look like in her wedding dress, but when I saw her standing in front of me and she smiled at me, it overshadowed all my expectations. The whole wait and the planning and my anticipation for ours Living together - all of a sudden this became reality in the form of this breathtaking woman, who I could call my bride, I was more than thrilled with her beauty and indescribably grateful that she chose me as the one with whom she would spend her life . " (Daniel W)
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