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What your nail shape says about you

الرئيسية / / What your nail shape says about you
Whether round, pointed or oval - we will tell you what the shape of your fingernails says about your personality.
Every woman has a personal preference when it comes to filing her nails. One likes it round, the other angular and the third preferably pointed. But have you ever thought about what your choice of nail shape could say about your personality? We reveal what is behind it.

Pointy nails:

Women who wear pointed fingernails are confident, willing to take risks and passionate. They are not afraid of change or of speaking out openly. Although they always stand behind their decisions, they also value the advice and opinions of others.

The advantage of pointed nails: they are sexy.

Round nails: round nails

Round nails emphasize the wearer's relaxed personality. Women with this nail shape rarely lose their heads. They are often asked for advice and emotional support from friends and family, as they always remain factual. This is mainly because they yearn for harmony. They are also loving and feminine.

The advantage of round nails: they look elegant.

Square nails:

Women who prefer to file their fingernails angularly have a strong personality. They are sophisticated, ambitious and have a good taste. Her friends would also call her stubborn. But although they can appear overly ambitious on the outside, they are balanced internally and are at peace with themselves.

The advantage of square nails: they make the hands appear longer.

Square round nails:

Your nail shape is somewhere between round and square? Then you are a creative and open-minded person, whose imagination is always in full swing. You can hardly do anything with people who deal with numbers and logic. You always have the latest trends in view. With this nail shape you are also equipped for everyday work as well as for the party afterwards.

The advantage of square, round nails: they go with any outfit.

Oval nails:

Anyone who wears an oval nail shape not only attaches importance to simple elegance and flexibility with the nails. Women with this nail shape prefer to avoid anger and have a calming effect on their fellow human beings - and a passion for their environment and nature.

The advantage of oval nails: they are uncomplicated and fit every clothing style.

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