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"Insulted liver sausage": origin and meaning

الرئيسية / / "Insulted liver sausage": origin and meaning
Whoever plays the offended liver sausage is making himself unpopular. But what is actually behind the phrase?
Offended liver sausage: liver sausage bread

"Offended liver sausage": examples

  • After the football player felt provoked by a journalist in an interview after the game, he simply left in the middle of the conversation. He preferred to play the offended liver sausage instead of surrendering.
  • Because Eva forgot the birthday of her friend Sarah, Sarah is very bad to speak to Eva now. In fact, she really doesn't want to have any contact with her anytime soon. Why she reacts so violently and plays the offended liver sausage remains incomprehensible.
  • Just because he didn't want to be teased by the others and preferred to go home, they called after him: "Don't play the offended liver sausage so quickly."

"Insulted liver sausage": meaning

The "playing offended liver sausage" means that someone withdraws and poutsOthers like to describe him like an offended liver sausage. It is assumed that there is no reason to react so hurt to a particular situation.

"Insulted liver sausage": origin

Like so many other idioms, the offended liver sausage dates from the Middle Ages. Back then, scholars assumed that all human emotions are controlled by the liverWhether joy, grief or anger, everything should come from the liver.
If a person was particularly annoyed about something, people assumed that the liver was offended. But how do you get from liver to liver sausage? A story showed that a liver sausage burst in boiling water before Wutz.
This is because the butcher takes all the other sausages out of the saucepan before cooking the liver sausageThe liver sausage was finally alone, insulted and burst. In the end, both stories were combined to form a phrase.

Similar or related phrases:

  • Be snapped
  • Play the princess on the pea (react very sensitively)
  • Being out of sugar (being very sensitive)
  • Say something free from the liver (speak very directly and openly)
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