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Let your eyebrows grow: 6 tips for perfect brows

الرئيسية / / Let your eyebrows grow: 6 tips for perfect brows

Letting your eyebrows grow is a real test of patience! We'll give you 6 tips on how to get the perfect brows.
Let eyebrows grow: woman with beautiful eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows define the face. But picking mistakes can give us bald spots and gaps that just don't look nice. You can find out how you can grow your eyebrows with a few tips here.

So you can let your eyebrows grow!

Banish the tweezers!

On the way to the perfect brows, you have to banish the tweezers for a while. Even if little stubble can drive you crazy at the beginning - let it grow, after a few weeks, you will be rewarded with full brows!

Take care of your eyebrows

Eyebrows also need care. As useless as it may sound at the beginning, the result ultimately proves the opposite: a peeling with a soft toothbrush is good for the skin under your eyebrows and stimulates the growth of the brows. This is because it stimulates the roots of the hair, promotes blood circulation to the skin and also eliminates dead skin cells. You can also use a facial scrub for your eyebrow section.
A nourishing eyebrow serum with peptides, keratin and biotin additionally care for the hair. Supplements that contain biotin can also be taken as support. Those who prefer natural products, on the other hand, use castor oil, almond oil or olive oil (make sure they are organic) and apply the oil regularly in the evening with an eyebrow brush. So the eyebrows are moisturized overnight and do not break off as quickly. 

Eat healthily

A healthy diet is very important for hair growth. Vitamins and minerals are essential for hair. So make sure you have a balanced diet with omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, proteins, and vitamins.

Tame the hairs

While you let your eyebrows grow, they can quickly get out of shape. This is where eyebrow angels help to show the little hairs the direction. So you can confidently lean back and let hair growth run wild! If necessary, you can cover small stubble with concealer.

Shape eyebrows

After a few weeks, the time has finally come: the eyebrows are full and beautifully natural again! Plucking mistakes have long been history and now is the time to get your brows in shape. This is best done by the professional: a beautician knows exactly how to give your eyebrows the perfect shape. For example, waxing or threading can also be used. 

Let eyebrows grow - but what about the gaps?

Some spots in our eyebrows just stay bald - here no hair grows back, we can do what we want! Fortunately, there are little helpers for this: eyebrow angels in your desired color or an eyebrow pencil are the means of choice here to fill up bald spots. These beauty products can also bridge the waiting time during the growth phase!

Facts about eyebrow growth

Eyebrows have a different growth cycle than our head hair. In the first phase, the hair root is formed and the eyebrow hair then grows approximately one millimeter within three days. In the next phase, the hairs continue to slow down until hair growth comes to a standstill in the resting phase. This can take up to eight months. Then the hair atrophies and falls out, whereupon a new hair grows from the roots. Plucking your eyebrows can cause you to pluck out hairs that are currently at rest. In this case, it may take a while for the hair root to return to the first phase of growth.
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