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Is the egg still fresh? So you find out

الرئيسية / / Is the egg still fresh? So you find out
Would you like a delicious breakfast egg but have no idea if the eggs are still fresh? With the egg test, you can quickly find out whether the egg is still edible!
Egg test: This is how the freshness test for eggs works: three eggs are in a porcelain bowl
The fresh rolls are already on the table, the coffee runs through, now all that's missing is the breakfast egg (or delicious scrambled eggs !). But: are the eggs still fresh? So you find out.

Egg test: Eggs can be kept this long

On the egg box you will find a sticker with the best-before date and the date from which the eggs should be kept refrigerated. You can find out here why the eggs are stored in the supermarket without refrigeration: That's why eggs are never refrigerated in the supermarket .
Eggs have a shelf life of approx. 28 days after the laying date, of which they can be stored about 18 to 20 days without refrigeration. If you are not sure how old the egg is or whether it can still be eaten beyond the expiration date, you can find out with a simple egg test.

Egg test: this is how you find out whether the egg is still fresh

The egg test is simple and quick! All you need is a glass or higher bowl of water. Place the egg in the water glass:
  • It sinks down to the bottom: the egg is still fresh.
  • It remains at an angle in the water: it is still edible, but should only be eaten (!) When fully heated.
  • The egg floats on the surface: it is spoiled and should under no circumstances be eaten.

Egg test in a water glass: how it works

After laying, there are only small air bubbles in the egg. However, the water in the egg yolk gradually evaporates through the shell. The space created by this fills with air, which in turn causes the egg to rise.

Egg test: that's how it works

There are three alternative test options:
  1. Egg yolk test: Carefully beat an egg on a flat plate. If the egg yolk is evenly in the middle, the egg is still fresh. If the egg is older, the protein becomes more fluid and can no longer keep the yolk in the middle. If it runs out flat or moves to the edge, you should only eat the egg well heated. If you want to be on the safe side, do the water glass test beforehand.
  2. Shake eggs: If the egg is spoiled, you will hear a kind of chuckle when shaking. When the eggs are older, the egg whites are no longer completely solid and then sloshes back and forth in the egg.
  3. Hold eggs against the light: Hold the egg directly in front of a light bulb. Fresh eggs have a translucent shell, so you can see the egg yolk through the shell.

Egg test: this is how you cook the perfect breakfast egg

The egg is still fresh? Great, then the delicious Sunday breakfast can start now! You can find out how the perfect breakfast egg works, whether you should scare off eggs and how long an egg should really be cooked: Cooking eggs.
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