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7 wisdom that will change your life

الرئيسية / / 7 wisdom that will change your life
Do you often feel like you're just spinning in the hamster wheel? When you internalize these guidelines, something magical happens to your life.
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Throughout our lives, we have learned a lot of wisdom from our parents or grandparents. They are usually dismissed as empty phrases. But there is so much truth in these seven guiding principles that each of us should take it to heart.

1. There is no dream that is too big

Because if you forbid dreaming from the start, you can hardly get ahead in life. The only thing that matters is the attitude towards these dreams. Do I have to do it in the same way or isn't it a win to go in the right direction? If you think so, you will not be disappointed in the end, but can only benefit from your dreams.

2. Just look ahead, never look back

Sounds sucked, but it's one of the most important rules for a happy life. We all experience bad things, lose loved ones or do things we regret. Unfortunately, these things have one thing in common: you can no longer change them. It is therefore of no use to us to remind them of them over and over again. "I would have" or "would only be" are sentences that should be deleted from your vocabulary in this context.

3. Do things - and do them immediately

When I have finished my studies, when the children are out of the house, when I am retired ... Postponing wishes and plans means most likely not being able to achieve them. After all, there is always a counter argument. Nobody knows what will be tomorrow and whether you will be able to start your dream trip to the USA or open your own shop. Therefore, as soon as it is somehow possible: Just do it!

4. Never forget the fun

Clearly, life cannot always be like that at the fairground. But in many areas of life we ​​have forgotten how to enjoy ourselves. Why shouldn't we have fun in the office? Or doing housework? If you don't like your job, you should consider changing (and yes, you can still do it at 50!). And what speaks against just singing loudly while cleaning? The motto of life that counts: make yourself beautiful, no matter what you do!

5. Everything starts with your attitude

I can never do it! If you think so, you probably won't achieve your goal. No matter where we want to go - it starts in our thoughts. We should always motivate ourselves and reward us for small successes. Because mostly it only goes piece by piece across the finish line.

6. You are not alone

Even if we sometimes feel like this: there are always people around us who love and support us. Sometimes we just have to jump over our shadows and actively ask for help. It is vital for survival that you do not identify problems with yourself, but entrust yourself to people. Because together a rocky road is always easier to walk.

7. Listen to your gut feeling

There is no denying that the mind sometimes helps us make the right decisions. In most cases, however, it is right to listen to the heart and ask yourself: does that feel good for me now? Because that's the only thing that really matters. As nice and important as charity is - you should always be the most important person and take care of your own needs first.
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