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7 morning rituals that make you happy immediately

الرئيسية / / 7 morning rituals that make you happy immediately
7 morning rituals that make you happy

If the morning is already crap, the day does not even have to come. With these 7 morning rituals, you trick the morning muffle in yourself and start your day with a big grin on your face. 
by Marie Stadler

1. Do coffee yoga

A sequence of movements that makes you relaxed, happy and awake: press the button when you exhale, put a coffee cup under the machine when you inhale, listen to the sound of the coffee and draw in the coffee scent with your next breath ... lift it with your right-hand Cup and bring it evenly to your mouth. The most important part: Tell the whole day that you would have done yoga in the morning. In the end, you believe it yourself and that works as well as a placebo does: excellent.

2. Make your bed nice

Simply because it pretends to your brain that you have already done something right. That makes you proud and happy!

3. Practice reframing

Great word, old psychological trick. Studies show that basically EVERYTHING is a question of attitude. Your shower is cold? Great, that wakes you up! Does your child hit a matchbox car on your nose? Luckily it didn't catch the eye. You can turn pretty much anything positive. You can start ringing the alarm clock right away. After all, it's great that he rings the bell at all. Um ...

4. Awaken the Italian in you

Big gestures, chin up ... this posture makes science happy. 

5. Five minutes of fresh air

It is best to start the day with five quiet minutes in the fresh air. No matter whether at the window, on the balcony or in the garden. It can be combined with coffee yoga.

6. Cell phone on airplane mode until you leave the house

Check WhatsApp for a short time immediately after getting up? Read the news for a moment? Just don't. Your own little world is big enough in the morning. 

7. Get up earlier than you have to

10 minutes more sleep will help you get ready much less than 10 minutes more. That's just how it is. Always.

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