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7 ideas how you can strengthen your loved ones AND the economy

الرئيسية / / 7 ideas how you can strengthen your loved ones AND the economy
Ideas on how we can strengthen our loved ones AND the economy

You don't always have to see each other to be close. With these beautiful ideas for your loved ones, you can show your love at a distance and also strengthen the regional economy. 
1. Order flowers at the destination
It does not have to be online flower delivery. A personal greeting that you order from the florist of the destination is much nicer. The small businesses are grateful for every order and your grandma will definitely be happy about a bouquet of her favorite flower shop around the corner at this time ...

2. Order food for others

Actually, would you be in the country with your parents now and go to your childhood pizza shop? Even if you can't be there ... simply surprise your parents with a delicious delivery. This is not only selfless because every order increases the chance that the shop does not have to close until your next visit. 

3. Giving away bright spots

Zoos, cinemas, theaters ... all of these facilities have major problems. By buying a voucher, you grant a private interest-free loan, so to speak, and give your loved ones a ray of hope in a future in which all of this is again allowed.

4. Pay high prices

You tend to spend a little more on gifts than on yourself. So why not put a sinfully expensive bundle of asparagus at the door of a dear friend and give them twice the joy? The asparagus farmers urgently need support ...

5. Have books delivered

Books - like flowers - can also be ordered and delivered from regional shops at the destination. Because not only the bookstores stumble, also the publishers and authors are slowly getting financial problems. The fact that the book fair was canceled was not good for the industry. 

6. Give away memories

Photoshops are also currently closed. Which does not mean that they cannot make and send beautiful photo books ... 

7. Book a vacation together

What helps better in gloomy times than beautiful prospects, so why not strengthen the tourism industry by booking a vacation together? Since nobody knows what will be next year, it is imperative that you take care of the right travel cancellation insurance or generous cancellation options. 
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