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7 fun life goals you can achieve

الرئيسية / / 7 fun life goals you can achieve
Funny goals in life
Bucket lists are great, no question, but unfortunately, they are usually a bit boring. Spice up your personal list for these life goals. They can be reached. Really true. We know-how. 
Become the first bacon queen in South Tyrol
Yes, it is true: at the South Tyrolean bacon festival, which takes place every year in early October in the mountain village of St. Magdalena in Villnöss, the bacon queen is crowned. Well, admittedly, the current queen of bacon doesn't even look that way (not exactly a bit) bacon, but it's time for us to set new standards. And if it's not enough to top it all off, we had at least a few nice days in the mountains afterward and ate our way through the gourmet paradise. Because that's definitely South Tyrol.

2. Take a cruise with David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff did it once, so chances are good that he will do it again: go on a cruise with his fans. I just had a look at the Costa Favolosa. The day will come. Certainly. and then we are there!

3. Win a water ballet medal

Yes, it will be more difficult because there are very, very good water ballerinas. That's why you have to wait a few years. It will definitely be easier with the medals in senior age. At the local level. Well, we also accept a certificate of participation. 

4. Be the last to cross the finish line in the marathon

That is easier. Just go for a walk and let the sweeper take you with you. 

5. Be the most beautiful in the sauna

Depending on the initial situation, you may have to make a few attempts. If necessary, just wait a moment when no one else is in the sauna, which makes the competition particularly small. And then all day long with my head held high: I was fucking the prettiest. Naked! Jaja. 

6. Be the oldest in a room full of people

That works already at 40For example, by looking for a totally lecture at the local university and being there before the prof. 

7. At 70 considered a sporting miracle

If we start practicing now, we can do a balancing act until we're 70. We asked that. It is possible, even for absolute sports dyslexicsAnd if you can do the balancing act at 70, nobody will ask you if you are athletic. Even if you fall over after five meters of jogging. It doesn't matter. You remain a miracle!
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