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Cooking faster: 10 tips that will save you a lot of time in the kitchen

الرئيسية / / Cooking faster: 10 tips that will save you a lot of time in the kitchen

No time to cook? These tips make cooking faster - and you not only save time but also nerves. It's all a question of the organization!
Cooking faster: with these tips

1. Fill cupboards

Cooking starts with shopping. Creates stocks of durable foods such as flour, pasta, butter or canned tomatoes - bulk purchases take less time than many small ones. Plus: If you have a well-stocked cupboard, you don't have to go hungry when there is not enough time to shop.
You should check your supplies regularly: Which ingredients are almost used up? Is everything still stable? If you only notice that something is missing when you are preparing - or even when cooking - you will lose time unnecessarily.

2. Shop smart

It is one of these phenomena that no one can really explain: Why do the pensioners, the students and all the others who have time on other days shop on Saturdays?
If you are annoyed by long lines at the checkout, you should use the off-peak times: If you go shopping in the morning or shortly before closing in the evening, you will be finished faster.

3. Use flash foods

No, we don't want to sing the song of the finished food here. But there are good convenience products beyond bag soup and frozen pizza: Pre-cooked rice and fresh pasta are quickly cooked, while herbs, peas, spinach or berries from the freezer save you cleaning and chopping. And you don't necessarily have to make the puff pastry (and not just that!), You can also buy it in good quality.

4. Get kitchen gadgets

By "kitchen helper" we mean neither the private chef nor the dishwashing aid - but rather appliances that make work in the kitchen easier and faster. A lightning chopper chops faster than a large knife, a food processor kneads dough at the push of a button, and those who cook a lot can use a pressure cooker well. Especially if you cook and bake a lot, such an acquisition can be worthwhile for you. Those who are not afraid of major investments: everything cooks particularly quickly on the gas or induction cooker.
Also, invest in good quality sharp knives: with them, you can cut faster and finer. And because it is not as easy to slide off with a sharp knife as with a blunt one, there is even less risk of injury.

5. Clean up the kitchen

Who keeps order is too lazy to search? Might be. But the fact is also: Who knows where what is, wasted less time. Therefore, overflowing kitchen shelves need to be cleared out mercilessly - this saves time and nerves. If you store rarely used equipment and exotic ingredients in remote cupboards, you can comfortably place salt, pepper, oil and wooden spoons next to the stove.

6. Provide ingredients

Provides all ingredients and equipment before cooking. So you have spices, oils, knives, boards, planes and mixing spoons within reach when you need them.
This not only saves time but also prevents kitchen disasters - otherwise the sauce may burn while you are still searching for the can opener in the cupboard. Professional chefs also swear by this method: the prepared workplace is called "mise en place".

7. Systematically multitask

Read the recipe thoroughly before cooking, from start to finish. If you always know what to do next, you will save time - and avoid annoying mistakes.
If you know the recipe well, you can identify waiting times in advance and use them sensibly. While the yeast dough is going for the pizza, prepare the topping. Prepare the sauce until the pasta boils. And while the food is cooking on the stove or in the oven, the kitchen tidies up.

8. Cook faster

Always cooks with a lid - so the heat stays in the pot and the contents cook faster. This not only saves time but also energy.
You can also bring water to a boil with the kettle, which is even quicker than in a lidded pot. Then simply pour into a saucepan, add rice, noodles, vegetables and cook. If you have a microwave, you can use it to warm up milk at lightning speed or warm up leftovers.
Lightning tip for vegetables and potatoes: diced small, everything cooks faster than the whole!

9. Cook once, eat twice

If you have a freezer (or even better: freezer or chest), you can pre-cook: Simply prepare and freeze twice the amount of the recipe. This saves time when cooking, washing dishes - and best of all: when hunger strikes, all you have to do is defrost and warm up the food.
Basic ingredients such as salad dressing or broth can also be prepared in large quantities and then kept in the fridge for a few days.

10. Choose quick recipes

Even if you follow all the time-saving tips: how long you spend in the kitchen depends primarily on the recipe. Minute steaks cook faster than a roast, a casserole usually takes longer than a salad and green asparagus is always ready faster than white because you don't have to peel it. We have a large selection for quick recipes .
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